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This scene from Bruce Almighty always has me laughing to tears. However, a similar scene after the Grammys had a much different effect on me. Serene Branson, a CBS reporter, was on scene after the Grammys. At first glance, Branson appeared alert and put together. It was not until she opened her mouth to report, that made it very clear there was something very wrong. Frightened viewers at home watched a panicked Branson incoherently attempt to pass the report back to the studio. Although her babbling may illicit giggles for some, the incident was, and remains, nothing but critical.

Many are speculating that Branson suffered a stroke, causing the aphasia. My Grandfather has had six strokes within the last two years, and while I have no medical training, Branson’s stricken look and labored ramblings were all too familiar. Paramedics were immediately called to the scene and it is reported than Branson’s vitals were normal. It was also reported that a colleague drove Branson home as a precaution.

A great deal of controversy has already surrounded the event. Many believe, and I must admit I agree, that the reporter should have been taken directly to the hospital. We’ve all heard the commercials, and probably made fun of them, but the truth of the matter is, “Time save, is brain save“. With immediate tests, the scary incident could be defined by doctors and the young reporter could take action, versus wondering what really happened.

And even scarier news, the number of young men and women stroke cases have skyrocketed, increasing 51 percent for men ages 15 to 44, and 17 percent among women of the same age. The cause? Doctors aren’t sure yet. Obesity, as usual, is the first cause out of the gate with doctors standing behind their Eat Right and Exercise banners.

At the end of the day, there are far too many health problems to watch out for. With constant rising numbers in different age groups being affected by this and that, one could worry oneself to death. What really doesn’t help matters either is shows like The Doctors and Doctor Oz. Who wants to sit around and learn about what new disease might end up killing them? (Mental note, tell Mother that Dr. Phil’s at least easier to make fun of). As for me, I’m good not knowing.


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