Never Enough Time

Change. Some people are good with it, some are not. I fall into the latter of the two. Whether it be switching semesters, jobs, significant others, or even getting up at a different time, I am thrown off balance and feel frazzled for days, even weeks. I am at an extremely transformative point in my life. I will be married in less than four months. My husband-to-be is starting his career, in a field that requires him to be on duty 24/7, three six five. As a full time student, nearing the end of my college career, my workload is not easy. I often feel dizzy, metaphorically speaking, but nonetheless, overwhelmed.

I am not the first, nor will I be the last, student to feel this way. Every day, students, male and female, young and old, walk the University’s campus completely engulfed with events going on in their own lives. Our co-workers, professors, even parents sometimes question us, “What do you have to be so stressed over?” It’s true, most of us don’t pay a mortgage every month, have families to provide for, or a job that requires us to work more than forty hours a week. But perhaps college students have it the most stressful of all.

According to a survey done by Grades and Credits in U.S. Higher Education, an college student takes an average of sixteen hours per semester. Unofficially, it is recommended to devote three hours of time outside of class for each credit hour a student takes. For the average student with sixteen hours, this is forty-eight hours a week. Add the recommended study time, plus the sixteen hours spent in the classroom, plus the suggested eight hours of sleep each night, a student is left with just two days, only forty-eight hours, free time. This does not include a part-time job, time for eating and exercise, social interaction, or travel time.

In today’s society, unrealistic demands are placed on everyone, ages seven to seventy. It is a lifelong battle we will all fight, to keep our sanity amidst the growing pressures of participating in society. Each individual handles said pressures differently, but there is one detail that I think should be consistently acted upon. All work and no play doesn’t keep you from going insane.


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  1. A nice introduction that I’ve just now seen.

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