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Goodbye California

I guess we don’t have to worry about California breaking off and hanging out with Hawaii and Alaska. Scientists in California have started talk about a possible “superstorm“. Reports acknowledge the information falls in line with catastrophic movies that have filled our box offices dating back to the 1930’s with The Last Days of Pompeii. What reports have failed to acknowledge is the potential toll the news of disaster is going to take on the residents of the Golden State.

Scientists in California’s Geological Department are warning the government that the damage done by the impending “superstorm” could be more than five times worse than that of a major earthquake. Alongside potential hurricane-force winds, ┬áthe most threatening aspect of the storm is the predicted ten feet of water that is said will accumulate over 40 days. Did we piss God off again?

The same scientists that are making these predictions were very open in a discussion with a New York Times reporter. This “superstorm” is not the first in history and scientists and researchers have indicated there is a pattern of these storms every 150 to 200 years. I’m not really sure how this is supposed to make anyone feel better.

My family lives in Florida and ever since I can remember, during hurricane season, there was always the possibility of a non-holiday related reunion due to the massive power of an imminent hurricane. They were always nice visits, usually over before I could register the event. They would return to their home, thankfully never damaged, and return to their everyday lives. The residents of California do not have the same luxury. Technology has come a long way, but still not far enough. Scientists have not set a date, and when and if they do, California residents, with gas nearing four dollars a gallon, cannot afford to take an East Coast vacation for more than a month.

So what are all the beach-goers and vineyard owners left to do? Sit and wait for The Day After Tomorrow to come true? California State Officials met last week to prepare plans for a state of emergency, which is a step ahead of waiting until all is said and done to hold a press conference and skillfully say, “We had the information, yet we had no reason to believe the welfare of our state was threatened in any way”.

There’s not much anyone can say as of this moment in time. With the previous flooding in California that made national news less than a month ago and the shooting in Arizona, the West has had its share of bad news. That’s not to say the rest of the States hasn’t suffered alongside. As I look outside at the drizzling rain, on the opposite side of the country, I can only pray my post will go to waste and no news will be good news. While Senator Giffords recovers in the hospital, this country could use a good night’s sleep.


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